900 WS Photo Studio Monolight Flash Lighting Kit

900 WS Photo Studio Monolight Flash Lighting Kit
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Product Description


Flash Output: 300WS
Guide Number(ISO100): 58
Color Temperature: 5400
Power Voltage: 110V
Flash Power Control: 1/16-full
Modeling Lamp: 50 Watt
Recharging Time: 0.5-1.5s
Flash Triggering Method: Sync cord, Slave,Flash trigger
Triggering Voltage: 6V DC

Package includes:

3 x 300WS Mono Lights
3 x 20" x 28" softbox
3 x 6.5 ft Tripod light stands
3 x Power Cords
3 x 50W Modeling Light
3 x Sync Cord
1 x Wireless Trigger
1 x Carrying Case

* NEW! 300WS Studio Flash Strobe Light
* The Studio Light is providing you with a Continues Lamp and Flash Function.
* Power Voltage:: 110V
* Carrying Case is included.

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