36x36" Large Off Camera Photography Studio Photo Softbox

36x36" Large Off Camera Photography Studio Photo Softbox
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Product Description

Turn your hand held flash into a portable soft light with this umbrella type softbox. It allow you to attache your flash unit this this unit easily. This portable flash softbox will help you achieve the studio like results. It will work with most of hammer style flash. The flash mounting bracket is fully adjustable to accommodate almost all the flash. Best of all this softbox will work with your Bowen, Calument, travelite strobe lights.

Following items will be included:

1 x 36"x36" softbox
1 x Bowen Mount speedring
1 x L Flash Bracket hotshoe mount adapter

* 36" x 36" Bowen Ring softbox
* The Softbox will fit Bowen mount, Calument, Travelite flashes
* Removable speedlight Adapter is included
* Great soft light quality, can be use with a light stand
* Brand New Case included for storage

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