3000 Watt Digital Photography Studio Video Lighting Kit

3000 Watt Digital Photography Studio Video Lighting Kit
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Product Description

High quality videos and shots. It provides very higher power, total output is 2000 Watt continuous lighting. Lighting Stand:Black anodized aluminum backlight stand, Maximum height is 6.7 feet. Stable & Quick Setup. Photo Bulb:45 watt fluorescent light bulb = 200 watt Incandescent light bulbs, color temperature 5000K, total output is 2000 Watt. These high-output daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs are This lighting kit is ideal for digital photography and Video. These CFL does not get hot like the more common photo bulb. You can control each of the light bulb with a individual on/off switch. The softbox gently focus the light, providing soft, shadow free illumination in the studio setting.

The following is included:

10 x 60w light bulbs 5500K
2 x 6.5 ft tripods
2 x Light Heads (5 lights in each head)
2 x 21" x 28" softboxes inner and outer diffuser is included.
1 x Deluxe Carrying Case

* Ideal for portraits, studio, video, photography
* 2000 watts / 60 watt fluorescent light bulb = 300 watt Incandescent lights
* Soften lighting with soft box
* Easy to control your lights with individual ON/OFF switch.
* Fash setup, professional result.

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