3 Softbox Photo Video Studio Boom Stand Hair Lighting Set

3 Softbox Photo Video Studio Boom Stand Hair Lighting Set
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Product Description

Now you can get the professional images you want with all video or digital photo cameras. This is easy to work with and will give you professional images with every shot. Produces even soft light that renders natural skin tones without any filtration.They could be used for video light or photography lighting. Now you can have the latest in photographic lighting at a fraction of the regular store price. IT is compatible with any camera on the market today like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus and more.

This Lighting Kit includes:

1 x Background stand 8ft height 4 x Cross Bars extend to 10ft wide 4 sections
2 x 16x24" soft boxes for 4-socket
1 x 20"x20" or Larger hair light softbox
3 x 4-socket lamp
12 x 45W bulb 5500K
2 x 6.5ft light stand
1 x 6.5ft boom stand
1 x Boom Arm with Clamp
1 x Clamp, light weight sandbag
1 x 10ft x20ft white backdrop
1 x Carrying Case

* ePhoto Premium Video Photo 3 Softbox light Kit
* Ideal for portraits, Studio, Video and Photography
* Complete background support stands
* Complete lighting Kit system
* Brand New with outer carrying case

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