2400 Watt Photography Video Lighting Portrait Lights H9004SB2-69BWG

2400 Watt Photography Video Lighting Portrait Lights H9004SB2-69BWG
Item# H9004SB2-69BWG
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Product Description

This is a brand new professional digital fluorescent Video Photography compact studio kit that gives you over 2400 watts output. This kit comes 3 softboxes for your lights. You could you one as your main light and the others as your fill light. Light output is adjustable with 4 light outputs. You could use them in the studio photography or videography as well as on location projects. This lighting kit is the most affordable kit on the market today. Following Items are included:

3 x 4 Bulbs Lighting Heads
2 x Softbox Light Soft Box for main light
12 x 45W Day-Light Studio Light Bulb 45W CFL=200Watt Incandescent
2 x Studio Lighting Stands for main lights
1 x Softbox for hair light
1 x Photography Video Studio Boom Stand
1 x Boom Arm with Grip
1 x Light weight sandbag
2 x 8ft Background Stands
1 x set of 4 cross Bars for background stand 10ft total
1 x 6 x 9 Black Muslin
1 x 6 x 9 White Muslin
1 x 6 x 9 Green Muslin
1 x Studio Carrying Case

* ePhoto Premium Video Photo 3 Softbox light Kit * Soften light intense thrugh internal white cover and soft box
*Operated with 4 Day-light Studio Light Bulbs (each holder - Total 4 Bulbs)
* Set up in minutes to offer you a professional result.
* Work with 110 - 120V

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