600ws Pro Studio Strobe Monolight Softbox Wireless 2KIT300w

600ws Pro Studio Strobe Monolight Softbox Wireless 2KIT300w
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Product Description

You are looking at a complete professional strobe monolight studio set at affordable price. You can take studio quality images with any digital camera or film camera anywhere such as weddings outdoor or indoor, portrait, e-commerce images and much more. It provides a powerful 600 w/s of light. It is light weight and easily transportable. It is suitable for professionals and amatures. Flash tube is made by Germany PerkinElmer.

Specs: Output Power: 300ws each Guide Number: 58 Recycling time: 0.2-0.8s Inner Fan Power Variation: Dial Adjustment Buzz switch: On / Off Switch Sensor distance >/= 15m Color Temp: 5500K +/- 200K Triggering voltage: DC-12V Fuse: 5A

This kit consist Of the following items:

2 x 300w strobe flash total 600ws
2 x professional softboxes with speed rings 24 x 36"
2 x 33" shoot through umbrellas
2 x Professional heavy duty light stands 8.5' full extended and folded 38";
1 x Wireless radio slave(FM310)
2 x sync cords
2 x modeling lamp 150 watts

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